Sample Lunch Menu



First Monday Picadillo(ground beef)black beans,white rice,plantain chips

Second Monday Breaded chicken breast,spaghetti,green beans, peaches in syrup

Third Monday Picadillo with French Fries, black beans, white rice,pears in syrup

Fourth Monday Turkey Fricasse, yellow rice, corn, Dulce Leche(caramel custard)



First Tuesday Palomilla Steak with onion ,mashed potatoes,sweet plantains

Second Tuesday Vaca Frita (fried Shredded Beef), red beans,white rice,chocolate pudding


Third Tuesday Chicken Fricasse, yellow rice with corn ,plantains,rice pudding

Fourth Tuesday BBQ Chicken,rice with corn plantain chips,vanilla pudding



First Wednesday Roasted Chicken, Macaroni and sausage, mixed vegetables, guava pastry

Second Wednesday Arroz con Pollo (yellow rice with chicken), plantain chips,french toast

Third Wednesday Caribbean Pot Roast, white rice,salad,chocolate eclair

Fourth Wednesday Beef Stew with potatoes (Carne con papas), white rice,baked  sweet potatoes,pasteries



First Thursday Pork Fricasse, red beans, white rice, flan

Second Thursday Fried fish fillet, rice with vegetables,mashed plantains,rice pudding

Third Thursday Turkey Fricasse, yellow rice, corn, Dulce Leche(caramel custard)

Fourth Thursday Chicken Breast in sauce, rice with chick peas, fried plantains,guave pastery



Pizza every Friday