Developing our student’s self-discipline and sense of responsibility to:


GOD                                                            FAMILY                                                            COUNTRY

If the student should have any difficulty or need guidance at any time, please know that the Principal’s doors are open.


A club or class wishing to engage in fund-raising must first present its proposal to the school Principal. The frequency of fund-raising activities is limited due to the number of such activities scheduled. Students are expected to cooperate with the fund-rising activity conducted by the school. It is also expected that parents/guardians will support such drives for the good of the school.

Special Interest Clubs

Special clubs are formed to meet interests in the field of hobbies, (e.g. reading, news, science, and sports. The number and nature of these varies according to the students’ interest. Such clubs require the approval of the Principal.

Driving and Parking

Only 11th and 12th graders are allowed to drive to and from school. This privilege may be retained at anytime. Students can park on the curb, but can not block the street sidewalks, driveways or other cars. Students are not permitted to leave their class for car purposes. The school is not responsible for any damage or accidents, etc., that may occur while vehicles are parked on the school property.


Special notices are either announced during homeroom period or posted in the front entrance of the school. All announcements not coming from Administration need to be approved by the Principal.

Homework Bulletins

Homework sheets are posted in each class. It is the student’s responsibility to take note of all assignments required.


Can be purchased in the Administration’s office. The agendas give notices of meetings, athletic and social events, general information, mid-term and final examinations, Open House, report card disbursements and all other pre-announced information. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of upcoming events.

Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their own property. The school is not responsible for the loss of personal money, property or books. Any property left unattended and found by students should be turned in to the Lost and Found, in the school office. Students may not leave the class to search for lost items.

Students in grades 7 through 12 will take books home or to their lockers at the end of each day to avoid losing track of their belongings.

Students are responsible for their assigned seats; therefore, each one wants to occupy his/her place only.